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Monday, April 8, 2013

Film Week 6: Battleship Potempkin

Name: Battleship Potemkin
Director: Sergei Eisenstein
Release Date: 1925
Studio: Goskino
·         Aleksandr Antonov — Grigory Vakulinchuk (Bolshevik Sailor)
·         Vladimir Barsky — Commander Golikov
·         Grigori Aleksandrov — Chief Officer Giliarovsky
·         Ivan Bobrov — Young Sailor Flogged While Sleeping (as I. Bobrov)
·         Mikhail Gomorov — Militant Sailor
·         Aleksandr Levshin — Petty Officer
·         N. Poltavseva — Woman With Pince-nez
·         Konstantin Feldman — Student Agitator
·         Beatrice Vitoldi — Woman with the baby carriage


            The story of the crew of the Russian battleship Potempkin’s mutiny and the uprising against the Tsarist Regime.

            As an entertainment film, I would say that Battleship Potempkin isn’t the best. However, The film was not made for entertainment purposes. It is a propaganda film, which is a film that is meant only to send a message. I think this one did the job. There is, near the end of the film, a police massacre in the town which tells the story of the Bolshevik uprising. That in itself sends a message. I think this film was a really good one.
            I was a bit confused at first as to who was who in the film. I get that way with black and white silent films. But I was able to sort it all out by the middle of the film.

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