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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

Some of the year's best entertainment can be had on April fools day. But I never really think about that, rather, I busy myself with intellectual thoughts to stimulate my brain. However, this year I had a brilliantly lame idea. Probably the best idea I've had all year!

I haven't pulled an April fools day joke in several years, so I thought to myself, Hey, why not today? I had this brilliant thought at 12:02am on this beautiful April fools morning. Now into the back story that leads to the climax of this brilliant plan of mine that wasn't actually fully developed until 8:34am.

I haven't cut my hair in seven years. I used to like it really short, but one day, out of the blue, I just didn't get my hair cut, and it's been growing ever since. Every time I think about getting my hair cut, I just can never do it. I mean, it took me seven years to get it this long. How could I just go and get it chopped off?  Every time my sister or my  mother suggests it, I look at them with  a what-planet-did-you-come-from-and-where-is-my-real-mother/sister look. I just can't get my hair cut. Today, it was down to my hips. There was just one slight problem.

My hair has some horrible split ends. I knew that I had to get it cut whether I wanted to or not. I figured, what the hey, three or four inches wouldn't make a difference. And it didn't. I got the four inches clipped off, and so my maniacally weak plan was in place. I had told my mother that I was going to get my hair trimmed, so she knew that I would be loosing a few inches. But I made sure to emphasize the trim part, so she would know about the slight change in hair length. Phase one of my lame plan was complete.

After I got back from my hair appointment, I tucked my hair into my shirt, making sure to pull some out to make it look like I had shoulder-length hair. I then snapped a picture and shot it off to my unsuspecting victims sister and mother. My sister was the first to receive the diabolically stupid clever photo. She exploded.  She was so bewildered. I mean, come on!  How in the world could I have even thought to cut my hair that short? It was incredible. My mother was just as amazed. She told my it looked wonderful; she was so happy that I decided to get a new look, blah, blah, blah, mom stuff. Then I told her the truth. I totally fooled both of them. I was elated. Good for me! My Mother wasn't so happy about it, but she laughed. My sister thought it was hilarious. And there you have it.

Ah, it's so fun to be away from the family where pranks such as this one are possible.

Oh, just as a side note: If you are in college, living in the dorms, never, under any circumstances duck tape your friend's room door shut. It will not end well. Thank you, and have a wonderful day. :)

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