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Friday, March 1, 2013

New addition- Film Reviews

Allow me to introduce the newest feature to this blog: Movie reviews! I will be doing a series of eight to ten movie reviews throughout the next few months. Here is the first one:


Director: Fritz Lang
Time of Release: 1927
Studio: UFA
Gustav Fröhlich as Freder, the hero of the film.
Brigitte Helm as both the virginal Maria and her robot double.
Alfred Abel as Joh Fredersen, the master of Metropolis.
Rudolf Klein-Rogge as Rotwang, a mad scientist.
Heinrich George as Grot, the Foreman of the Heart Machine.
Fritz Rasp as The Thin Man, Joh's spy.
Theodor Loos as Josaphat, Joh's assistant.
Erwin Biswanger as Georgy (or 11811), a downtrodden worker.
 Freder, son on the mayor and a privileged young man in the upper part of Metropolis, sees Maria, a poor young woman from the underside of Metropolis, and is seized with a desire to see her again. He makes a journey through the machines of underground Metropolis, disguised as a worker, and finally finds Maria in the catacombs, telling the workers stories and teaching them to be obedient to their masters, the men who live in upper Metropolis. Meanwhile, Rotwang, a mad scientist bent on the mayor,  Joh Fredersen’s demise, makes a robot named Hel to look exactly like Maria to cause a revolt among the workers. They stop working, their town floods, and they make their way to the top of Metropolis where they wreak havoc everywhere. A delusional Rotwang finds the real Maria hiding from the mob in the cathedral, and, mistaking her for Hel, gives chase. Rotwang and Maria end up on the roof of the cathedral, and are seen by Freder from the ground. Freder climbs up to the roof of the cathedral and confronts Rotwang; the two fight, and Rotwang eventually loses his balance and falls to his death. The film ends with Freder declaring a truce between the workers and the thinkers, and linking the hands of his father and Grot becoming the Mediator between head and hands.

 Metropolis is a German silent film. I thought it was scary. I thought it was terrifying. The expressions and the music combined had me watching in horrific anticipation, clutching my blanket and gnawing at my nails. Aside from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, I have never seen a movie that captured my attention as Metropolis did. I loved it. I don't think it would have had the same terrifying effect if it weren't silent. Though it was a bit tedious, being a whole 145 minutes lone, but all in all it makes for a great story that captures the attention on any sci-fi fan.

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