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Sunday, March 31, 2013

God looks out for His Children

God looks out for us. He makes everything work out to His will. I have a story to tell that really shows God's care.

A few weeks before this post, I was driving back to the college campus after a nice weekend home. The roads were horrible. There was snow blowing across the road and the visibility was less than a mile. I was worried because there were a lot of sharp turns along this one stretch of road. I prayed that God would take care of me. Lo and behold, every time I came to a turn, the snow cleared up so I could see the turn. There were quite a few turns on this road, but I was able to see every one of them. 

I got on to the interstate and was cruising along, going way faster than I should have. There wasn't ice on the previous roads, but the interstate was really bad that particular day. I was going about 75 miles per hour when I felt my wheels begin to slip.

Oh no, I'm going to flip over. I thought as my car spun off the highway. There was nothing I could do about it, so I closed my eyes and tightly clenched the steering wheel. My car flipped over, most of the windows shattered, and I felt snow land in my lap. Then I was still. I opened my eyes and looked around. My luggage had been thrown out the back windshield and I couldn't find my phone. There was  a lot  of snow in my car. I hopped out and grabbed my luggage, thinking, well, that could have been a lot worse. 

I was picked up by a police man and escorted into town. The strange part of it all was that I was in a great mood the rest of the day. I never even went into shock over the incident. I mean, it was the first car accident I'd ever been in! And I flipped the car completely over! I was amazed that I was unscathed, but to this day I am not a bit sad that I lost my car. I am alive, I am well; God has been watching over me.

I recently was able to get another look at the spot where I had my accident. I know where it was because I found my spoiler from my car. Here's the clincher: On one side there is a lake. On the other there is a series of fences.  I landed in the perfect spot for an accident. Was that coincidental? Absolutely not. God was looking out for me in more ways than I originally thought. Praise God, for he looks out for His children.

If the accident wasn't so serious, I would say it was really fun.

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