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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A poem by Horatius Bonar

It Is Finished
From the book "Hymns Of 
Faith and Hope"
 By Horatius Bonar

Christ has done the mighty work!
Nothing left for us to do,
But to enter on his toil,
Enter on His triumph too.

He has sowed the precious seed
Nothing left for us unsown;
Ours it is to reap the fields,
Make the harvest-joy our own.

His the pardon, ours the sin,-
Great the sin, the pardon great;
His the good, and ours the ill,
His the love, and ours the hate.

Ours the darkness and the gloom,
His the shade-dispelling light;
Ours the cloud, and His the sun,
His the day-spring, ours the night.

His the labour, ours the rest
His the death, and ours the life;
Ours the fruits of victory
His the agony of strife.
page 130

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