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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To commemorate an awesome friend

Who was taken from us in a car accident.
Our friend was taken,
We'll never know why.
We all will miss her,
We all will cry.
God has his reasons
He has His time
His ultimate design. 
 Rest in peace, Lara, you were amazing.
I worked with Lara for two years. She was an amazing worker. She was always friendly. She loved to clean when we weren't busy. Then she graduated and went to college.  We were sad to see her leave, but happy because she was so excited to get going. 
She was a partier, yes, she did like her alcohol. I know that she had a lot of party friends. They probably miss her most of all. She loved to have fun. 
 But I only knew her through work, and she treated everyone like her best friend. When I learned Lara was coming back to work for the summer, I was so happy. We all were. It was great to work with her for the summer. Then she quit again to go back to school. I didn't get to say goodbye to her. I never saw her again.

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