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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anatomy # 1

I recently made a pleasant discovery. I have always wondered why stomachs growl. What causes it?
"Control of the stomach is partly the job of the nervous system. Thus, sometimes just thinking about food can cause one's stomach to start generating mixing waves and peristalsis" (: successive waves of involuntary contraction passing along the walls of a hollow muscular structure (as the esophagus or intestine) and forcing the contents onward. [Merriam-Webster.com] )

"If the stomach is empty, however, there is just air in it. The air vibrates in response to the motion of the stomach. Of course, vibrations of air cause sound, and when we hear sound, we say our stomach is growling. "

What is this leading up to, you ask? Only a limerick type poem that I discovered, attributed to President Woodrow Wilson. 

I went to the palace for tea,
The Duchess of Windsor sat next to me. 
Her rumblings abdominal
were truly phenomenal,   
And everyone though it was me!

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