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Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am a B...usy

I am a bee
Or so I think.
I am busy
Like a bug
So I write
This poem now
Cause later tonight
I'm packing to leave
Going to Valley
Got lots to do
Busy as a bee

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My am I
so excited!
Oh it won't
go away
Ok I'll say
my Kindle
is on the way.

Friday, March 9, 2012

One Year

I've been on blogger for one year. I changed the look a bit. tell me what you think.

One year
I"m here
 new look
more books

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I recently returned from a weekend in Waldsee(which means forest by the sea)

I spoke German all weekend long. I also learned a lot of songs. here's one:

Ich armes welsches Teufli           something about: I'm poor devil
bin müde vom Marschieren         am tired from marching
bin müde vom Marschiern           am tired from marching
Ich hab verlorn´ mein Pfeifli        I have lost my flute 
aus meinem Mantelsack              from my coat pocket
aus meinem Mantelsack             from my coat pocket
Shau' hier, ich hab´s gefunden    look here, I have found
was du verloren hast                  what you have lost 
was du verloren hast                  what you have lost

here's another one:

Hejo, spann den Wagen an,
Denn der Wind treibt Regen übers Land
Hol die goldnen Garben,
Hol die goldnen Garben.


Hey ho! Hitch up the cart,
For the wind brings rain over the land.
Fetch the golden sheaves,
Fetch the golden sheaves.

 "Hejo spann den wagen an" is in the same tune as "Hey ho nobody home"

and my personal favorite:

Hoch sol sie laben
Hoch sol sie laben
Hoch sol sie laben 
drei mal hoch!


Long may she live
Long may she live
Long may she live
three cheers!

it's a birthday song. my birthday was on the 3rd of march. So everyone at Walsee sang to me. and I got presents from people I barely knew.

Ich habe vielen  Deutsh gelearnt!
I have learned much German!