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Sunday, January 1, 2012

To Tame A Land

Louis L'amour's "To Tame A Land" is a great book, though sad in the end. Here is a short summary:

Rye Tyler was twelve when he saw his father cut down in an Indian raid. Taken in by a mysterious stranger with a taste for Shakespeare and an instinct for survival, Rye is schooled in the lessons of a hard country. Then tragedy forces him to live a loner's life in a wild land of canyons and buttes, and on dust-choked cattle trails.
But his skill with a gun has earned Rye a bloody reputation he can't escape. Though he's become the law in a lawless town, he had hoped for a better life with the beautiful Liza Hetrick. When Liza is taken away and held in a mountain-girded outlaw fortress, Rye must face his deadliest enemy--the very man who taught Rye about manhood, friendship...and the ways of a gunman. (http://www.louislamour.com/novels/totamealand.htm)

Here is a picture of the cover:

And here is the picture I drew of the cover:

to tame a land

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