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Monday, January 2, 2012


Louis L'Amour's "Hondo" is a really great read, if you like western. Here si a short summary:

He was a man etched by the desert's howling winds, a big, broad-shouldered man who knew the ways of the Apache and ways of staying alive. She was a woman raising a young son on her own on a remote Arizona ranch. And between Hondo Lane and Angie Lowe was the warrior Vittoro, whose people were preparing to rise against the white men. Now the pioneer woman, the gunman, and the Apache warrior are caught in a drama of love, war, and honor.(http://www.louislamour.com/novels/hondo.htm)

Here's a picture I drew of the cover:

And here's what the cover actually looks like:

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  1. I omitted the dog, because I tried to draw it and failed. But I still think it looks... well... Ok I guess.