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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Day in September

The day in September

By Rebekah (lone wolf)

It was quiet and peaceful.
Nothing was stirring.
The wind was not blowing,
And spring it was turning.

I thought to myself,
As the sun warmed my face,
This is the last time
That I’ll see this place.

You must hear my tale
And then you will see
Why I had to leave,
And how this came to be.

It was this last fall
On a bridge in this town
Where I was standing,
And saw someone drown.

I yelled for help,
But no one could hear.
Then later they found him,
They said murder was clear.

They said that I pushed him
Because we had fought.
I tried running away,
But too late, I was caught.

In jail and in court,
 I said the same thing.
I thought they believed me
So to hope I did cling.

I did not kill him.
That’s what I said.
But the boy’s mom and dad
Just shook their heads.

The whole town did hate me,
They never let go
To the story that I
Had struck the last blow.

I kept screaming “No!
I did not push him.
But I couldn’t save him
‘cause I couldn’t swim!”

They booed and they hissed
A liar they called me.
“You killed the poor boy!
We’ll get you, you’ll see!”

Well, the law does no best.
Was I guilty? No.
And in a few weeks
I was let go.

They never found out
How that boy did fall.
But the townspeople said
That I did it all.

So that’s why I’m leaving
My childhood home.
To start a new life
New places to roam.

I’ll never come back
But I’ll always remember
His parents’ face
That day in September.

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