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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What the Children Said About Christmas
 By Rebekah K.

"There's something different in this house.
Something very nice," said Klaus.
"This time of year we celebrate
This time of year we dedicate
To the birth of one who could save us all."

"There's something festive going on
Folks are acting diff'rent," said Jon.
"The time of year to symbolize
the time of year to realize
Christ the Savior is born for us all."

"Let's get rid of all emnity.
With man and God," said Emily.
"This time of year is time for peace
It's time for wars and fights to cease.
And recognize that Jesus Christ is here."

"Let us sing all the songs we know.
About the Christmastime," said Joe.
"This time of year, with joy to sing
Praises to our Heavenly King
To whom we owe our everything."

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