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Thursday, November 10, 2011

school assignment???

yup, that it is. it's a true story about something that happened to me. here goes:

Language Assignment

The Swing Incident at Riverside

    Rebekah was happy. She and he two friends, Betsy and Cassia were going to Riverside Park. It was the morning after they had all slept over at Betsy’s house.
    It was late May, and extremely warm for that time of year. The trees were full of leaves, and the creek was full. It was all God’s creation. For this Rebekah was also happy.
    “Hey, we’re almost there!” Rebekah yelled over her shoulder to Betsy and Cassia as they rode their bikes over the bumpy gravel road that led to the park. “I hope this doesn’t last all the way to the park!” Cassia said. “It doesn’t. It lasts only to the end of this road. Then when it curves it stops.” Rebekah said.
    The gravel road led on for about a half of a mile to the south, then turned to the left and went for about 1000 yards and finally emerged into the park.
    Finally, the turned and made the final leg of the trip. As they pulled into the park, Rebekah surveyed their surroundings.  A path led around the sides of the park, and in the middle there was spaced out trees, not fully grown yet. There was also a green pavilion, and a cement platform with six picnic tables on it. Trees surrounded the whole area.   To the east, through a line of trees, the creek rushed 30 feet below.
    Rebekah made a beeline toward the creek, Betsy and Cassia following behind. “There’s a rope swing with a shovel handle attached to it tied to a tree that’s overlooking the creek.” Rebekah said. “It sounds fun!” Cassia said. “Let’s hope it doesn’t break.” “Well, ready?” Rebekah asked as they climbed down to the ledge where the swing was more reachable. “So, who’s going first?”  Betsy asked. “You do it, Cassia.” Rebekah said.
“Um, O.K., but I’m not sure about this.” Cassia said. “It’ll be fine; I’ve done this a million times before.” Rebekah said. “O.K., here goes.” said Cassia, grasping the handle firmly in her hands. Then, with a whoop, she swung out over the creek. As she came back, she planted her feet firmly on the ledge, and handed the swing to Betsy. “That was fun!” Cassia said. Betsy swung, and then it was Rebekah’s turn. They did this for about an hour, and then Betsy said, “We had better go, but first, Bekah, why don’t you show Cassia that thing where you swing on the swing instead of just holding on to it.” “Well, O.K., but this is the last time. I’ve only done this one time before, but I’ll show Cassia.” Bekah said. “Yay!” Betsy said half jokingly.
    Rebekah climbed up the ledge to the top and, holding the rope firmly, jumped out and sat on the swing. She swung a few times, then, as she came back, she tried to get off.    But with a slip of the fingers, she lost her grip and plummeted into the creek!
    Rebekah knew what was happening, so she closed her eyes and held her breath, and then the water closed in around her. As se surfaced, she found that the creek was only about three feet deep. As Rebekah stood up, she felt a terrible pain in her left knee. “Ow! Augh!” Rebekah yelled. It was the worst pain that she had ever experienced.  “Bekah, are you all right?” Cassia called down to her. “I can’t stand! My leg won’t bear the weight!” Rebekah replied. “Hold on, Bekah, I’m coming!” Betsy called, and then made her way down to the creek. “God, please help me.” Rebekah silently prayed. As she helped Bekah up, Betsy said, “There, now you won’t feel so bad since you’re not the only one who is wet.” Yeah, and if my leg wasn’t hurt, I’d say that that was actually pretty fun.” Rebekah said, forcing a smile. “Did your leg hit something?” Betsy asked. “I didn’t feel anything, but who knows?” Rebekah said.  “You’ll have to lean on me to get out.” Betsy said.  “O.K., but how am I supposed to get up the cliff?” Bekah said. “Well, I don’t know, but I’ll think of something.”  Betsy said.  Betsy helped Bekah to the base of the cliff, then, Bekah took hold of a small tree and pulled herself up. Betsy came behind to make sure Bekah didn’t fall. Bekah continued to climb up the cliff, using grass and bushes to pull herself up. Her knee hurt terribly, but she kept on going, praying to God that he would help her up. Cassia went in front of them.
    Finally, they made it to the top. Bekah breathed a prayer of thanks to God, and then pulled herself up the rest of the way. Betsy quickly got up and put her arm around Bekah’s shoulder for support.  “Thanks, Betsy.” Bekah said. “Bekah, are you O.K.?” Cassia asked, concern filling her voice. “I think I’ll be all right.” Bekah said. “Now, I need to get over to the spigot to wash myself off.” Betsy helped Bekah to the spigot, and Bekah washed some of the dirt off. She felt very uncomfortable with her wet clothes on, but she tolerated it. Then, Bekah said, “Bring me my bike, I want to try to use it.”   Cassia brought Bekah her bike, and then Betsy helped her onto it. But as Bekah started pedaling, her leg wouldn’t cooperate, and she fell to the ground, her face twisted in pain and her knee hurting worse than before. Betsy and Cassia rushed over. “I don’t think that this will work.” Rebekah said. “Well, then, what should we do?” Cassia asked. “We should go over to the picnic tables and figure out what to do.” Betsy said. So that’s what they did.
    As they sat at the picnic tables, talking about what to do, Bekah suddenly remembered something. “Hey, I’ve got an idea!” she said. “Bring me my bike again.”  “Are you sure?” Betsy asked, her voice filled with concern. “Yea, I’m sure, I’ve practice this a lot in case something like this ever did happen. I just never thought it actually would.” Bekah said. So again Cassia brought her bike, and again Betsy helped her on to it. O.K., now, give me a push.” Bekah said. Betsy did, and Bekah pedaled forward with her good leg, then back pedaled, then pedaled forward again, and so on. It worked. She didn’t fall down. They got Bekah home and she once again not only thanked God, but praised him also.

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