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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

heres to real friends

no form, just how I feel. it rhymes anyway.

What is a real friend?
the answer is clear.
they tell you the truth
not based upon how you feel.
they compliment you
not just to flatter
the truth is in what they say
and their words really matter.

when your feeling sad
they listen, but do not agree.
they will not sympathize
if they know and see
that you are mad
and don't mean what you say.
they help you get over it
'till your sadness goes away.

they want to share with you,
take pleasure in your happiness.
they always have a smile for you,
your never put to test.
they tease you in a friendly way
just to make you smile.
if you need time alone,
they leave you for a while.

friends are fun
they're caring and true,
they know your troubles,
They know what to do.
friends are many,
but real friends are few.
they aren't hard to find
and maybe one is you.

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