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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thoughts with a Horse

Well, I finally got around to writing another poem. It's odd, but whenever I plan to write one, I can't think of anything to write. Poetry just comes randomly, I guess. I was writing a letter (yes, they still exist, old as they are) to a friend yesterday, and I had absolutely nothing to say (hey, that rhymed!), so I thought I'd put one of my poems in there and ask what they thought of it. The problem was, I couldn't remember any of my poems, and I didn't want to take the time to go look one up on the computer. SO I just started writing, and the result was Thoughts with a Horse.  

Thoughts With a Horse
by Rebekah Kjos

As I sat by the fire
On a warm Summer night
And looked at the stars
That were shining so bright,
I wondered how people 
could miss such a sight.

My black horse, he agreed,
Said some people don't see
'Cause they don't want to.
And where they want to be
is not out in the night.
But at home, asleep.

He said, "Now us horses,
At least those that I know
Love nights like tonight,
It's our kind of night show.
Some will watch it 'till dawn,
When the rooster crows."

My black horse looked at me
And said with a grin,
"We're country horses,
and we think it's a sin
To just gallop on by
and not take it in."

I just nodded to this,
What he said was quite true.
I liked how he thought
'Cause I thought that way, too.
So I sat up that night
Enjoying the blue.

We, my black horse and me
Do not speak to all men
When we say slow down,
Because nature's a gem
Just put down your pen.

One's never too busy
to just go outside
And look at the sky
Or the ocean's tide
Feel the grass 'neath your feet
Watch the stars at night.

-Rebekah Kjos



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