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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Poem To a Departing Friend

When I heard that she was moving
I sat right down and —did I cry?
Well, no, but I was close.
The only thing I thought was why?
Why did she have to go?

I understand It's best for her
To leave this place and—why, oh why?
Now stop it! this is best.
Just 'cause she's leaving I won't die
But I'm gonna miss her.

Sure our friendship , it was dormant
For all this time—how many years?
At least since I was ten.
But now the reason for my tears,
The ones I have inside,

Are not for all those dormant years,
But the two ends—then and now.
I wish I could have been
A better, longer friend somehow,
'Stead of what really was.

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