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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ok... Here's what my day was like, or what it was pretty close to.

After a hectic day at work
At home my chores I shirked.
I sat around
I read a book
and my mom I irked.

she grabbed my arm and said to me
"Now do your chores, Missy!
I do not care
if you are tired
get your work done, see?"

And so I got up with a sigh
And thought might as well try.
I did my chores
then sat back down
and caught my mom's eye.

And she said "See? Now you are done,"
I thought Oh here it comes.
she lectured me
"Work before rest"
And how work is fun.

When she got done, I said yes Ma'am
And fian'ly here I am
So that's my day,
Or afternoon,
Sorry, gotta scram!

P.s. this poem, excluding the hectic day at work line, is entirely fictional.


  1. Curious pattern. 1st line=8 syllables, 2nd line=6 syllables, 3rd line=4 syllables, 4th line=4 syllables, 5th line=5 syllables. This holds true for each stanza. I assume so. I like patterns.

  2. Yes. I like patterns also. I stick to form most of the time. But sometimes, like the poem I'm going to post in a little while, I just write the poem, and don't worry about patterns.