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Monday, May 2, 2011

sorry again!

Well, again I missed a post yesterday. I am terribly sorry. But I was very busy. And then today I find that I cannot find the poem that I promised to share. so I hope you are barely satisfied with this poem I wrote yesterday.

This is a nighttime poem, one that I wrote, well, before bed.

The eye of Sleep
Good night everyone
I now go to bed.
When up comes the sun
I'll lift up my head.
But for right now,
My blue eyes are closed.
Eyelids take a bow
Else how'm I S'posed
To hitch a ride to sleep
When eyes are still awake?
Let me fall in a heap.
Please, for heaven's sake!


  1. I like the line "eyelids take a bow." It's funny, when one bows, one always straightens up again. So your eyelids were just closing and then opening up again, expecting applause and your delighted approbation.

  2. Aha! you saw that! I wasn't sure if that was clear enough. I read it after I posted it and It looked as if I had meant the eyelids to just close, but yes, that was the point of that line. Thanks for noticing!