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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a poem about chemistry...

...My Chemistry class, to be exact.

It's a bad poem, terribly written. I did it in Chemistry today, because my teacher was talking about anything but chemistry. He tells all these stories about when he worked in the oil fields, and he's not even using it as part of the lesson. I'm getting extremely annoyed.

Fourth Period Chemistry

There is something I don't like
Bout my Chemistry class
My teacher, he goes off
On a long Chemistry hike.

Try to balance equations
Find charges of ions.
Name all of the elements
Confusion is raisin'

Carbonates, like CO2
They are not organic
But I don't know why,
That's my chem class for you.

Now he talks about some stuff
That has nothing to do
With this Chemistry class
And I wish he'd shut up.

I wonder, why do I pay
To go to Chemistry
 And listen to Helde
not teach at all that day?

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