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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know this must be terribly boring...

...but I think these labs are fun! so here are two more that we did today.

3 Color Chemistry

Volumetric flask
300mL water (H2O)
10 grams dextrose
8 grams potassium hydroxide (KOH)
4 drops methylene blue
Pinch indigo carmine

We measured out 250mL water. We added the dextrose and the potassium hydroxide. Then we added the methylene blue. The solution turned a light blue. We waited until it turned clear, then shook it until it turned blue again. We then added the carmine blue. We added the last 50mL of water. We shook the flask. The solution turned yellow, then orange, then red, and then green!
Alcohol Cannon

Plastic bottle
2 screws
Tesla coil
8 drops Rubbing alcohol

We screwed the screws in the bottle on opposite sides a little below the middle. We put the alcohol in the bottle and put the stopper in. Then we shook the bottle until the alcohol had turned into a gas, whereupon we turned the Tesla coil on and touched the screw. The stopper shot from the bottle with a boom.

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