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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am going to be gone until Monday. S there won't be any posts. So tonight I would like to just thank Stephanie for inviting me on this trip. She is awsome!!!!!

I know I already poste this poem, But This is to stephanie D. Thanks, you're an awsome pal!!!

Someone who's cheerful
She's funny and nice,
I would not give her up
Not for any price.
She says such funny things,
Just to make me smile.
I'm glad sh moved across the street
To stay for a while.
she always wears a grin,
She's friendly and she's pretty,
Not stuck up, or rude,
Her heart's not itty-bitty.
Ands so I wrote this poem,
Just for my friend Steph,
She's a awesome person,
And awesome knows no depth.

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