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Friday, May 6, 2011

The flag is Like My Mother

This is a poem that my friend Rinnah wrote. I finally found it, so here it is.

The Flag is Like My Mother
By Rinnah K.

The flag is quite a picture and a symbol to us all.
To some it is a soldier who is standing strait and tall.
To others it's a beacon that is unlike any other.
To me the flag's a mirror of my dear and precious Mother.

The flag is hope to soldiers as the fight for liberties,
My mom is hope to all men as she prays upon her knees.
the flag was used to bandage and heal our broken lands.
My mother heals the broken hearts by folding up her hands.

The flag still stands for courage of the brave and of the free,
My mother stands with courage that she gives to you and me.
The flag is torn and trampled but it says  "I will not fall."
When mom is hurt or trampled upon we cry but she stands tall.

My mother is a flag to us she flies on every day
She is a light to help us through and guide on out way.
and even when I think I'm grown and wise as I can be,
I'll look to you, my flag, my light and hope that soon will be me.

-In honor of Llora K.

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