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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My friend wrote this poem. I hope you like it. I haven't had time to write a poem in a while, so I'm posting this one, because My friend is really a great person, and a wonderful poet. Enjoy!

The Healing Darkness
By  Becca Retterath

Softly the darkness caresses you,
You who is sad,
And you who is weeping.
You who is in pain,
And you who is suffering.
Will you allow us,
The Angels of the Dark,
To heal such depression?
Will you open your hear,
And let us in to soothe your pain?
There is not a single thing to fear of us,
We are not but the soulds who have died
From the same tears and sorrow.
We, whom you need,
Strive for nothing but to heal
Your pain and wipe your tears away.
You who is weeping and mourning,
Open your hear and mind,
Let us heal you,
Come with us to our land of shadows,
See what our power can do,
See what magic we posses!
We beg you,
Come with us
If you wish for darkness to heal your wounds.

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