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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Inspired by a true story:

A popular boy in a big school
Had all he could want, but friends were not real.
The girls talked about him just cause he was hot.
But was there love there? No, love there was not.

A very shy girl who say him each day.
She wanted to talk, but what would she say?
She told herself one night "tomorrow I'll talk."
But very next day, right by him she walked.

She constantly smiled at him in the hall
and when he smiled back, her heart hit the wall.
She sent him a letter, a plain simple note.
He sent one back, and here's what he wrote:

"You're very naive to think I like you.
I've got all I want, I'm so rich and cool
Don't try talking to me, just leave me alone."
And through this small note, his true nature shone.

She cried the night through, her crush was now done.
The very next day, she felt like the sun.
She burned with anger, he was such a jerk.
She felt that her plan just had to work.

When Saturday came, she went to the mall.
Dresses and make-up: heels, big and tall.
She got a  makeover, she was quite a looker.
She looked on the mirror, the change really shook her.

When Monday came 'round, she walked into school.
The boys crowded around, they said she looked cool.
She smiled when she saw him: she was quite aware,
that off down the hall, he could not help but stare.

He came up to her, but she walked away.
He called out to her, but didn't get his way.
She kept walking away, a smile on her face;
he looked after her, and then he gave chase.

Every day at school, he tried to catch her,
but she slipped away, as he stood and watched her.
Every day he tried to get her to talk,
but when he said hi, away she did walk.

Her heart was mended, her revenge clearly shone.
She did as he asked, and left him alone.
He never was happy, as shone on his face.
He looked at the ground, and gave up the chase.

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