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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a Poem: Winter's Snowing

At first it floats,
And it looks pretty.
And then it cloaks
The towns, the cities.
It comes from North,
Heralds the coming
Of Nature's fourth.
It's Winter's Snowing.

We look outside,
We see it coming.
And in our minds
We're out there running.
For us it's fun,
Us kids We're going
To play and run
In Winter's Snowing.

Skating is fun.
We slip and we slide.
When that’s all done
It’s a wild sled ride.
A snowball fight;
On with the throwing!
Throw snowballs white,
In Winter’s Snowing.

Then at long last
It starts to leave.
IT melts so fast,
We won't be deceived.
We let it die,
We know it's going.
We say good-bye
To Winter's Snowing.

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