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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A poem: Remember the Summer

I sit and think
Of days gone by,
In the Summertime.
The bright blue sky,
The Shining sun,
And the butterflies.

I think of all
The dawns I’ve met,
In the summertime.
The grass was wet,
Kissed by the dew,
The rose, for day, was set.

I sit and think
Of those fun days,
In the summertime.
Of all the ways
That took up time
Like the big biking race.

I think of all
 that I have done
In the summertime.
The times I’ve run
With all my friends,
And all had lots of fun.

I sit and think
Of Nights so fair
In the summertime.
I think of where
I sat and felt
The balmy twilight air.

I wish I could
Go back again
To the summertime.
I know that when
A new one comes
It won’t be the same as then.

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